Cauliflower is not always the easiest veg to get kids to eat… but what kid (or adult for they matter) doesn’t love somethin’ fried? A quick fry on a high temperature ensures they don’t absorb too much oil, and the delicate spicing really lifts the flavour. The key with cooking cauliflower is to not overcook it, or you get those horrible sulphurous gasses that seem to infiltrate the nasal passage and turn you right off. A bit of texture, a bit of caramelisation, and a bit of all round snacky yumminess is definitely a good thing 🙂

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Fried and spiced cauliflower

Serves 4 as a side

1/2 cauliflower

1 teaspoon fennel seeds

1 teaspoon coriander seeds

Vegetable oil, for deep frying

salt and pepper

  • To prepare cauliflower, remove the leaves and cut the head into even sized florets. Heat oil to 140C.
  • Grind fennel and coriander in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder. In a dry pan gently toast the spices till they become fragrant. Remove from heat and season with salt and pepper.
  • When oil is hot, fry cauliflower florets in batches until golden brown. Drain well on absorbent kitchen paper.
  • As each batch comes out of the deep fryer sprinkle some spice mix on the cauliflower and toss.
  • Serve as a side for a Moroccan tagine or as a starter