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The world is full of different cuisines and almost every culture will have its own version of a pancake. Sammy and Bella share their top 5 delicious pancake discoveries from around the world.

This month Sammy has been obsessed with making her grandmother’s crepes as a mid-afternoon snack and as a dessert. While enjoying her freshly made crepes with caramelised peach, yoghurt and local honey, she had begun to think about the pancake and its many variations not only within western cultures, but also its delightful eastern cousins.

The best pancakes are both sweet and savoury. Here are Sammy’s top 5 delicious pancake discoveries from around the world.

1. My Grandmother’s Crepes

Now there are many reasons why I love these pancakes other than the fact that I grew up on them. My grandmother’s recipe is based on a classic French crepe batter, and anything even slightly resembling French food is bound to be good, right? This pancake can be enjoyed sweet or savoury. My favourite sweet way is simply with a good spread of Nutella. That’s what my childhood Sundays were made of! For a savoury twist I enjoy it with some smoked salmon, chives, dill and sour cream. Enjoy the recipe below:

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