Bella’s Backpacker Diary: Mexico City

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After a long delayed flight from our trip to the Yucatan peninsula and an uninspiring airport burger at TGI Fridays (which, as it tuned out was the cause of just one of many “explosions” in our group on this journey) we have finally arrived in the big smoke – Mexico City.

It’s crowded, smelly, dirty and I LOVE it! The streets are heaving with people crowding around one street food vendor after another, spilling out of restaurants and having a blast in bars – a sure sign that good . . . → Read More: Bella’s Backpacker Diary: Mexico City

Bella’s Backpacking Adventures: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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My backpacking adventure to the Americas has just begun and I’m shaking with excitement. I can only afford 2 weeks away so I’m packing in as many foodie adventures as possible! I’ll be visiting Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico City), Cuba and NYC and reporting back with all the details!

Yucatan Peninsula

On my flight from Dallas to Cancun I sat next to Alex, an American born Mexican who is a very keen home cook. We talk about food non stop for hours, which is the only stranger-on-a-plane chit . . . → Read More: Bella’s Backpacking Adventures: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Travel: London – Surprisingly Delicious


The first stop on our holiday is London. It hasn’t always been known for having great food, so this leg of the trip is more to visit friends rather than eat and we’re not expecting much. But boy are we impressed! . . . → Read More: Travel: London – Surprisingly Delicious

Travel: Adelaide


I decided to explore my own backyard and see what Adelaide and it’s surrounds had to offer. I was not disappointed! . . . → Read More: Travel: Adelaide