Greek braised lamb shanks, Arni Kokkinisto – αρνί κοκκινιστό

Winter is for braising, and this Greek dish will have all your neighbours begging to come over for family dinner! In Greek it’s called Arni Kokkinosto (pronounced koh-keen-isto), and it essentially translates to “reddened” – referring to the rich tomato sauce the lamb is cooked in. Lamb shanks do take [...]

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Fish Souvlaki Wrap, as seen on The Monrning Show

Diabetes: Most people think: “It won’t happen to me, that’s an old person’s disease”. Sure it may have happened to Grandma or Grandpa, Mum or Dad, Aunty Norma or Uncle Frank but: 10 years ago type 2 was a seniors’ disease. Today it commonly affects those aged 45+ Type 2 [...]

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Bella’s Patates Yahni, Greek Potato Stew with Purslane

photo credit: Kitti Gould www.thebrandcanteen.com "Yahni" is a kind of vegetable stew made in Greece, Persia, Turkey and many other countries in the region. In fact, their popularity spread during the reign of the ottoman empire, from Syria all the way up to the Balkans, so there are a huge [...]

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Bella’s Kangaroo Kofta with Tzatziki, for Australia Day, as seen in Daily Telegraph

I just love Kangaroo, it's a wonderful native ingredient that is incredibly sustainable - most meat available commercially comes from wild animals and is a byproduct of population control programs. The meat has a delicate gamey taste, somewhere between duck and beef. It's also very very lean and high in [...]

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A very Greek Christmas, as seen on Lifestyle Food

Although Greeks often have Christmas trees, an even older tradition is also very common. To keep away the kallikantzaros, bad spirits who break into your house via the chimney, a shallow wooden bowl filled with holy water and a cross with basil attached to it is prepared. Each day from [...]

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Recipe: Almost Greek Salad, and top tips for BBQ lamb, as seen on Sunrise

We love greek salad, it’s so fresh and always a hit at picnics, bbq’s and every day family meals. We wanted something fresh to go with lamb on Australia day, but we’ve eaten it a squillion times.  So we developed a new summer salad based on the delicious flavours this [...]

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Recipe: Grecian scrambled eggs – as seen on The Morning Show

This recipe was made for us by a very close Greek friend, it’s quick, easy and absolutely amazing! Make sure you leave the eggs a bit runny – there’s nothing worse than dry scrambled eggs. Free range eggs are crucial to this recipe, not just because they are ethically sound, but also because [...]

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