Bella’s Beef Picanha Rump Cap Tacos with Green Chimichurri

The picanha, or rump cap, has to be the KING of all beef cuts. It’s most prized in Brazilian churrasco bbq’s, where they salt it very liberally and cook over a proper charcoal grill. I love it for two reasons – firstly because it has a generous thick layer of [...]

By |March 7th, 2017|

Recipe: Smokey BBQ Prawns with Chimmichurri Sauce, as seen on The Morning Show

We love, love, love prawns, especially coming into the summer and party season. There are three main reasons why we love prawns, firstly because we have some of the best prawns in the world caught and farmed in Australia, secondly because of their versatility in cooking techniques and flavor pairings, [...]

By |December 3rd, 2013|

Recipe: BBQ chicken with Chimichurri Sauce, as seen at Good Food and Wine Show

We all love a good Aussie BBQ and the delicious flavours we get from cooking meats on the grill or over hot coals. The Argentinians are also known for their amazing BBQ meats, and to the Argies there is no such thing as BBQ without the accompaniment of a classic [...]

By |July 15th, 2013|

Recipe: Lamb Empanadillas, as seen in New Idea!

“Empanadilla” simply means mini empanadas. They are fantastic for entertaining and freeze very well, so they’re always good to keep on hand when unexpected gests drop by!

By |December 21st, 2011|