The food was fresh, inventive and perfectly suited to the theme – Radical Media, Christmas party

A great way to entertain guests… you don’t need to worry about a single thing… 10/10 – Peter, Cocktail Party

We were truly impressed with their passion and love for food, it transpired into every sensational dish – Amanda, private degustation dinner

Service was seamless, and the food perfectly respected our Thai and Australian heritage – Sam and Faye, Wedding

All the guests were very, very impressed… and the leftovers were great the next day! – Marzena, cocktail party

Organised, well timed, and clean… the dishes had a high standard and attention to detail – Pawel, Private dinner party

It was like an angel landed in our kitchen! Effortless. - Susan, Gallery Opening

Thank you so much for the fantastic food and for your company… absolutely perfect – Ania, Cocktail party

The burgers were fun, casual and yummy! – Vicki, White International

2 comments to Testimonials


    Just lol you girls and good luck in the future.
    Just wanted to ask on behalf of my mum what kitchen knifes do you recommend and were to buy them in Melbourne

    • hi michael,

      we definitely recommend spending money on a good chefs knife – this one singe type of knife will get you through generations if you look after it :)

      I use wmf and sammy uses wusthof (both are available at myer i think)../ but you really have to go and test them out yourself. see what feels right in your hand.

      good luck!


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