• The Lunch Club: Boardroom lunches  

It’s all about sharing and bonding, but most of all, having fun at work! The Lunch Club Menus are a great way to cater for your next office lunch, or simply get a few workmates together and treat yourselves to the lunch break you deserve.

Book your corporate lunch today!

For only $19 per head, The Lunch Club Menu gives you a delicious selction of salads and sandwiches with the following benefits: 

  • Low GI for sustained brain energy
  • Low in fat and high in nutrients and complex carbohydrates
  • Fresh, natural, seasonal ingredients
  • Home made with no added preservatives, additives or artificial colours
  • Variety of vegetarian, pescetarian and gluten free options
  • Exciting flavours to suit everyones palate
  • Restaurant quality food at everyday prices


Executive Dining:

If you want to impress some clients or treat your executives, this 3 course Executive Dining Menu is the perfect option. It’s the easiest way to save time and continue your meetings over lunch in the privacy and convenience of your own office.

The menus are designed and cooked by celebrity chefs Sammy and Bella from My Kitchen Rules, using only the very best seasonal ingredients. The dishes are fresh, filling, delicious and are sure to impress!

Contact us to book your Executive Dining experience today!

46 comments to Corporate

  • Kerry

    Hi girls,
    Love watching you on MKR.
    Lunch Club. What a great idea. Please email me details and the price so I can share with my workmates (and the boss!)

  • Hi girls,

    Loved watching you on MKR and I sincerely hope you do well in the final :)

    I love your concept and would love to try the lunch packs for the office. Could you please email me the menus/costs as we’d love to try it.

    Best wishes for the business

  • Dylan

    You guys are great :)
    I love watching you on MKR. I know you already know the outcome but I really hope you win! All the best.

  • Bern

    Samwah! Bella!

    We want lunch club back a Krites, let us know when you are free!!

    Fernie xxx

  • ALI


  • Sammy & Bella you rock!!!!!!! Congratulations on your win…………I am so thrilled for you.

    Would you please send me your lunch menu & prices, we may be able to use it at work.


  • Vic

    congrats on ur win girls u both r awesome!!i would like to find out how much u charge for the lunch and also i am interested in catering food for a birthday party. will u be able to send me a quatation and also food that u cook. thanks…looking forward to tasting ur food:)

  • Olga Lister

    Bella and Sammy congratulations on winning my kitchen rules. Your recipes especially the borscht reminded me when my mother made it when I was younger. I loved all your recipes that you cooked and I wish I was there to taste them.

    You are great and I hope one day youo will open a restaurant so I can have the privilege to taste your food menu

    Again congratulations

    Olga Lister

  • Mel

    Hi Ladies,

    I have a bus group of chefs going on a trip, and I was trying to find some nice lunch boxes for them to eat on the road. Do you do something like this?
    If so can you please email me through the details?


  • Dianne

    Congratulations on you win, you totally deserved it. Looking forward to cooking some you your receipes.

  • Hello Lovelies!

    Congratulations!!! You both are AWESOME and me and my work mates absolutely love you!

    We want Lunch Club too…can you please email me the cost involved so I can convince everyone??

    Thanks heaps :)

  • Suzi

    Hi Ladies,

    Can you please forward pricing as we would be very interested!!

    Wishing you the best for your future endeavours



  • Melissa

    Hi girls, can you contact me via email so we can discuss catering. You girls are amazing cooks and I hope I can help you with some of my catering contacts. Mel

  • Amanda

    Hi Sammy and Bella

    Congratulations on your WIN last night I have followed the 2 of you from the start, I think you are both amazing and wish you all the success in the Future.

    Amanda :)

  • Mammas

    You girls should write a cook book, I would buy it !, good luck with everything

  • Emma

    Have just watched you guys take out the title to MKR! So emotional watching how nervous you all were. Well done, I loved watching you guys cook. Amazing.

  • Alannah

    Hi Sammy and Bella

    congratulations, your final menu was just perfection…so proud of you both.


  • Alex

    Im 13, WOW! MKR is great im happy you won (YES!) I live in NSW also I love u

  • Jenna

    Do you have lunch ideas that we can do at home ourselves and great meals for kids as I don’t live in Sydney and so I am not able to take part in your lunch club

  • Kirsty

    Sammy and Bella
    You girls are amazing all of us at work loved you would live to treat my staff to lunch from you girls
    Please email through menu and prices so I can organize treat for my hard working team

  • Frances Aloe

    Hi Sammy and Bella,
    Congratulations on your win i was not surprised i told my husband and friends form the word go that you would take the prize, good on you! Could you please let me know the cost of a 3 course dinner for 6 and 10 in my home.

    Hope to hear from you soo.


  • Ania

    Czesc Sammy i Bella
    normalnie to ja nie ogladam MKR ale ze byly tam polskie siostry to ogladalam od poczatku do konca. I jestem bardzo dumna z waszej wygranej!!!!. Gratulacje z calego serca!!!!
    Czy Olka -Polka piekarnia w Campbelltown ma cos wspolnego z Wami ?
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam .Ania

  • Hannah

    Hi Sammy and Bella
    I would like to congratulate you on your win I was cheering you on right from the start.
    You are both wonderful cooks and I was wondering how much a 3 course dinner for 8 would be???
    I really hope I can meet you one day maybe even before I turn 12
    I will pray for your grandmother,I hope she gets better soon

  • Jenny

    Hi Sammy and Bella,

    Congratulations on your win! You both did your grandmother and parents proud.

    I’m very interested in your 3 course dinner for 6 to 8 people, also your lunch club for my work and catering. Could you please email me your menus and costs?

    Wishing you well for your future.


  • Matthew

    Firstly, Sammy and Bella, congratulations on winning Season 2 of My Kitchen Rules. You two beautiful and unselfish women deserved the glorious victory. You two have made the whole of New South Wales very proud.

    Secondly, Sammy and Bella, you two are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You two have very good qualities that would apprerciate society very much. Sammy, you are the most attractive woman I have ever seen and your sister is attractive as well.

    Lastly, my birthday is on the 28th of April and that is also the day that school resumes at my school. I was wondering if you could come to my school which is Kingsgrove North High School and cook up a culinary banquet for my whole school. My school would apperciate that with open hands and love.

    If you have a busy schedule on that day or any other day, I won’t worry. I’m quite a patient person. My school again is Kingsgrove North High School.

    Thank God for making of the most gracious and unselfish women to walk on planet Earth.

    I can’t wait. I’m so excited.

    Best wishes for your future. I hope it’s a prosperous one.


  • Melissa

    Please can you send through details about your lunch club?
    Many thanks

  • tammy

    Heyy Sammy and bella,
    Congratulations on your win! You have done so well throughout the show and you deserve it :)

    From tammy :D

  • taneele

    hi Sammy and Bella I wanted you to win from the begining to the end Congratulations you are the best cooker EVER love u so much u rock :)

  • Blake

    Hi Sammy & Bella you guys rock but sometimes im watching Ben 10 I mostly I like MKR well have a Wonderful day God Bless You.:*

  • Hi, Sammy and Bella.
    My mother and I (Ally and Kayla) met Bella today at the Italian Festival at Ettalong for Barilla! I was lucky enough to take over for someone else doing the cook-off.
    It was so wonderful meeting you, you are so lovely!
    xxx :)

  • Emma V

    Hi Sammy and Bella,

    Loved watching you on MKR…Congratulations!! Yes please post a price list for lunch deliveries, I know many of my work colleagues would be interested…what a fantastic idea. You girls are stars..

  • you guys r the biggest babes, ur food looks AMAZING and i love ur sense of fashion, weldone on winning MKR u deserved it

  • Maya Kerschbaumer

    i love watching MKR. i can’t belive you won.

  • britttttyyyy

    i love u guys , im soo glad u won , and not the other team u were up aganist. congrats on getting 2 score which were 10′s . immmm sooo pround…. plz write bac!!!

  • Matthew

    I forgot to also mention that the party should be for Year 10 because I’m in that year and every person in my year is under constant stress and pressure from doing homework, gruelling assignments and examinations.

    Me and my school would absolutely be humbled if both of you Sammy and Bella came to my school which is Kingsgrove North High School and gave up some of your precious time for my year to experience this unique privilege of having you cook at the high school.

    If you actually come to the school, I honestly wouldn’t take this memorable event for granted because I know that the both of you have other more important things to do in your precious lives and you’re taking some time to possibly cater for mere students like me.

    I hope this actually happens. It doesn’t have to but I wish that it actually does happen.

    Best wishes for the future and I hope that you will endeavour in the food industry.


  • Peta Morrison

    Hi Ladies,

    You are inspirational cooks. I loved the show and both of you as part of it. Could you please let me know how we contact you via email rather than this site. Thanks Peta

  • lukasz

    hi babes,

    where do i send proposals?


  • Sabrina

    Hi Sammy and Bella!
    ur both so inspirational and awesome cooks!
    i loved watching u cook on mkr
    gd luk 4 the future :)

  • Karina

    Hi Ladies,

    We are looking at getting a quote for lunch (approx 80 people) for the 17th of August in Sydney City.

    Can someone please contact me with more information on prices and selection of food?

    Thank you


  • Debra Freeth

    Congratulations to u both

  • Bozena

    Your Cheesecake Mousse is DIVINE! We bought some at the Polish Christmas in Darling Harbour today. The experience is absolutely sensational! Is it possible to buy them anywhere???

    • sammyand

      HI Bozena, nfortunately we dont selel the cheesecakes mousse in any stores – but the recipe is now online so you can try making it for yourself! or we also offer a catering service, where we can make it for your next function :)

  • Marce

    I was very happy you girls won MKR. We live in The Netherlands, it is nice you have the “Tompoes” recipe. I come from Honduras and we have also amazing food there, i hope you get one day one of our tipical plates between your recipes. Greetings!

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