For the love of burgers…

Just like most Australians, Sammy and Bella can’t resist a great burger. At the same time, they’re very fussy, preferring to make their own at home rather than eating out. “I can’t believe how many bad burgers are out there! “says Bella. So what are the girls’ top burger gripes? “They’re either too bready, cheap on the fillings, over-thought, or have fake tasting sauces”

What makes the perfect burger…?

So what’s makes Sammy and Bella’s Burgers so good? “It’s about quality, balance and simplicity”, says Sammy. But, is this new venture going to be just-another-gourmet-burger-joint? “NO WAY! I hate the term gourmet burgers… it reminds me of over-thought, complicated food that sounds better than it actually tastes. Our burgers are better described as old school with a pinch of home made love”, says Bella. Sammy adds, “it’s not about being fancy, it’s about being lip smacking good!”

The antithesis of modern food…

This old school, almost low-brow approach to the burgers is reflected in their stand concept, “we were inspired by 1970’s Californian beach culture, it’s a bit z-boys” says Sammy, “We couldn’t resist adding a homemade lemonade to the menu”. The stand, built by Asha Dolman, is made of recycled building materials and hand painted by Sammy. In keeping with the old school theme, everything is recycled “even our flower vases… they’re just old jars!” says Sammy. Being earth friendly is very important to the girls “we use biodegradable packaging, even our straws are made of paper”, says Bella.

Where else but Bondi?

“Bondi Beach was our first choice to launch the concept, it fits perfectly with the 1970’s Californian vibe” says Sammy. “All I can say is, move over Burger King, the Burger Queens have landed”, says Bella.

See our review in Agenda here, plus check out the pics below for press in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sunday Telegraph.


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