BREKKY… portobello mushies, free range egg, The Saucy Sisters’ Truffled Tomato Sugo    6.0

SCHNITTY… free range chicken schnitzel, home pickled red cabbage, The Saucy Sisters’ Jalapeño Mayo    6.0

BEEFY… beef (cooked medium), cheddar, dill pickle, The Saucy Sisters’ Beer Bbq Sauce    6.0

PORKY… slow cooked pulled pork, shredded iceberg, The Saucy Sisters’ Ranchero Salsa      6.0

FISHY… rare seared fresh tuna, steamed zucchini, The Saucy Sisters’ Harissa Relish    6.0

VEGGY… lentil + chickpea + quinoa patty, roast beets, carrot, The Saucy Sisters’ Tahini Yoghurt    6.0

SPECIAL… check the specials board for this week’s special

EXTRAS…  + free range egg    1.5        + cheddar    1.0        + bacon     1.0          + salad on the side    2.0        + hugs    0.0

GLUTEN FREE?       Try a bun-less burger with a little extra salad on the side    6.0



LEMO… Hand squeezed lemonade with lightly carbonated mineral water, 650ml    4.0

SAN PELL… aranciata rossa  |  chinotto  |  mandarino, 330ml    3.5

WATER… aqua panna still mineral water  |  san pellegrino sparkling mineral water  |  organic coconut water   3.5


See the next burger bar dates and locations here



4 comments to Menu

  • Kathy

    Hi Sammy and Bella,
    I had a vege burger yesterday at Bondi, just wanted to say it was fabulous, are you there every Saturday,


    • Hi Kathy, yes we’re there rain, hail, wind, snow and shine! so glad you enjoyed the veggy burger… lots of yummy moodiness inside it with quinoa and 3 different types of lentils too. see you in bondi again soon!

  • Siobhan

    Hi…… Just etched the wholes show all the way over in England! My mum and I cried when you won, we were routig for you!! Is their any where I can come try your gorgeous cooking when I come to aus? Xxx

    • awwww that’s so sweet siobhan! when you’re in australia, you should definitely visit sammy’s burger bar… it’s a pop up stand at the bindi beach farmers markets every saturday :)

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